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Find out what Inkebara is

What we do

We produce inks for hand writting. Whether you write with a fountain pen, a redis pen, a quill or a paintbrush, we always have just the ink for you!

Or we could say that we buy various chemicals, measure them, weight them, mix them, heat them, filter them, cool them, ... multiple times. And then we pour them into vials.

We will find out what you need

Do you write, draw or paint? Do you know which ink do you need? Which paper do you use? What are you requirements on ink durability?

We will produce

We will produce ink according to your wishes. We can create vast spectrum of colors that can be mixed with each other. Do you have some special requirements?

We will deliver

We can deliver anywhere. Whether is it few milliliters or several liters of ink. It always depends on your requirements.


Our products are inks in many forms and colors.


Properties of our inks


Original dense colors


Basic color spectrum

Sometimes we produce a limited edition.

Beautiful labels are painted by Karolina Dočkalová Burská using just these inks.

Our inks are certified "Regional product of VYSOČINA"

Kinds of inks

We divide inks to categories according to their usage and a tool you use to write, draw or paint.


We began with inks for fountain pens but that was not the end though. We discovered the magic of calligraphy. Whole bunch of chemical experiments followed and on its end there were two kinds of calligraphic ink - fast-drying ink for heavy papers and dense ink for absorbent papers. Both types will satisfy users of calligraphic pens and brushes and currently offer vast amount of different colors.

Fountain pen

Writing and pen drawing

Calligraphic pen

Calligraphy and pen drawing

Calligraphic brush

Calligraphy and brush drawing

Redis pen

Writing and pen drawing

Special pen

Calligraphy and pen drawing

Creative techniques

Drawing and painting


Our inks contain at least 90% of Czech ingredients. For its production we use only non-toxic reagents which we buy from Czech, Italian, Hungarian or German manufacturers. Before a liter of ink is produced three days will pass - three days of work during which the ink is delicately weighted with microgram precision, stirred during strictly maintained temperatures and procedures, watched by an experienced eye so everything is perfect. The ink is then poured to vials and in these vials the ink is shipped for sale and on your tables.

About us

Inkebara means Czech ink from Czech manufacturer.


We are a small family company residing in Vysočina. For many years we have preferred writing with pens over ballpoints. In that time we found the local offer of inks lacking but we wanted to avoid importing them from abroad since we prefer Czech products. Because of that we started to examine ways to create our own ink for fountain pens which came into being in 2016, according to our secret formula. After testing it on our home ground and in wider ring of friends we were assured that our inks are of high quality and can be offered to everyone who likes pen-writing.

  • 2016

    First ink

    It took us many trials and errors before our first ink could be used in a fountain pen, but in 2016 we created the first ink that we trusted enough to provide it to ours friends for testing. That was the beginning. In 2018 we gave our inks a name - Inkebara.

  • Where are we?

    In Czech republic!

    Our inks are created in Číměř, a village close to Třebíč.

  • Materials

    We start with blue

    Our first production series was blue - how else! We managed to establish a business cooperation with a leading dye manufacturer from Italy. Other chemical materials are bought from Czech, Hungarian and German manufacturers.

  • Now

    New colors

    Now we have even black, green, yellow, brown, red, purple, ...

  • Write,

Where to buy

Here are some places where you can find Inkebara inks.


Czech on-line shops and Calligraphy schools

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